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We encourage our readers to contribute to our newsletter. We are actively seeking stories, events, nominations for Skater of the Month, and anything else you might think would be of interest to your fellow Derbiers!

All stories should include the posters name, so we can give you full credit for the article, pictures or videos, and complete details to make the post interesting.

Nominations for Skater of the Month must include a picture or video of the skater, a short Bio of the skater, and why this skater is deserving of the award. All nominations will remain eligible for three (3) months.

Criteria for nominating Skater of the Month (Preferred)

  • Skater should be a leader on his/her team
  • Skater might have had a significant accomplishment in a bout or tournament
  • Skater should be of good character
  • A skater should be contributing to the community

Criteria for nominating Junior Skater of the Month (Preferred)

  • Same as above plus,
  • Preferably the skater should maintain good academic standing

Please Submit all nominations to: