About Us

Hi, I’m Heather Gunnin (Married name Bennett) and this is my new weekly newsletter. I am running it with my father, Jim Gunnin, and my sister, Brittany. We are going to make it the go-to newsletter for, articles about Roller Derby, interviews with notable skaters, event calendar, and each month a Skater of the Month.

To make this a successful newsletter we are counting on all our readers to contribute articles, results from tournaments, interviews, and events to add to our calendar. Also, please contribute nominations for Skater of the Month, to be featured in our newsletter. The nominations should include the skaters name, a picture, a brief bio, and why the skater deserves this honor. Please include on track accomplishments and contributions to the community in your nomination.

Please, we welcome any suggestions or critiques that will help us improve our newsletter. Write us using the email addresses on the contact page.