Junior Skater of the Month April/May Jaw Breaker #313 (aka Jose Cardenas)

Jaw Breaker #313 (aka Jose Cardenas) of the Wasatch Jr Rollers is our Junior Skater of the Month for the rest of April and May.


  • Jaw Breaker has received multiple MVP, MVJ & MVB over the last 5 years. North West Regionals, Bonneville Beat Down, Heat Stroke, The Great Salt Quake, Bloodfest to name a few. There is not a tournament he enters, that he walks away without receiving an award for his skills.

  • Jose also swims on the high school swim team as a long-distance swimmer and in many relays.

  • Jaw Breaker will be graduating both high school and Jr Derby in 2020

  • Jaw Breaker has taken classes from “Smarty Pants” on blocking which has helped improve his blocking skills over the years.

Jaw Breaker watched his sisters on the sidelines for a whole year before he was allowed to even lace up roller skates to learn about derby. He was very eager to play. Jaw Breaker started playing roller derby at the young age of 8 years old, one year before JRDA recognized male skaters to be allowed to play roller derby as open division.


Once his team built a competition team he was all in. He started playing as a blocker. He then became the most fouled out skater our team had. He was then gently coached into a Jammer position to help control his penalties and his penalties came to a slow roll. He quickly realized how much he love being a jammer. After a few years of jamming he wanted to continue blocking. Our coaching staff at Wasatch Jr Rollers decided that having him become a utility jammer was the best for him and the team as it allowed him to do both positions in a game. He has his own signature move as a blocker and is always willing to take on a jammer or blockers chest to chest.  He is quick to take the jammer panty as a pivot.


By the time 2017 rolled around, Jaw Breaker was already one of the best roller derby players in the state of Utah. Jaw is kind, compassionate, quiet, and gentle off the track, but on the track, he is a force. He is a triple threat—a powerful jammer, an agile pivot, and an immovable blocker that nobody wants to go up against.

Throughout the years of 2017-2020, Jaw has been a leader on the team. Younger skaters look to him for inspiration. He always takes time to help demonstrate skills or break down difficult moves to learnable steps. He is extremely coachable. When he is given feedback, he immediately applies what he heard. You can find Jaw jumping the apex (or straightaway), spinning around blockers on the track, clearing an entire pack to get his jammer through, or skillfully executing pre-planned plays. His knowledge of the game and technique in which he plays it is, well….jaw-dropping! Jaw continues to be an exceptionally skilled, yet extremely humble roller derby player, which is the most wonderful combination.

One of Jaws biggest goals and dreams was to help his team get to JRDA championships before he graduates juniors. Wasatch A*Salt have finally reached top 10 and the gloom of not being able to possibly actually making it to champs is devastating for Jaw.

No doubt, Jaw will be a mover and a shaker in the roller derby world, and this sport is so lucky to have him.


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