FEBRUARY Junior Skaters of the Month – Marianne and Verity Corrick- Gough

Marianne and Verity Corrick- Gough are 2 British sisters from Hereford, a small English city on the border of Wales. The siblings have been playing Roller Derby for 6 years and play together for Hereford Poison Berries Junior Roller Derby.

Marianne (Marnie MoovOva #143) and Verity (Hi Velocity #342) have been on a meteoric journey which has taken them from a small town start up derby team to international tournaments and National squad.

Hi Velocity (L) and Marnie MoovOva (R) – PHOTO CREDIT JOHN HESSE

In 2015 Marnie and Vel made their Roller Derby debut at the hugely popular Eastbourne Extreme Roller Derby tournament. Over the following years the girls worked hard to build their skills – attending local (and sometimes not so local) adult league games and practices to support their own training and taking on NSO roles to help consolidate their rules knowledge.


In August 2017 the girls travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark to attend the first European Junior Tournament CAT. Here they met with some inspirational adult skaters and lots of other junior skaters, stories were shared, firm friendships formed and by the time they left to travel home their dream to represent their country was born.  


Roller derby success has given the girls the chance to meet their sporting hero’s! Pictured here with multiple Olympic  Para-Olympian gold medalist Sacha Kindred. 


On returning to the UK from Scandinavia, Marnie and Vel travelled to Cwmbran in Wales where they participated in the MRDA champs junior exhibition game. It was their first taste of live streaming and large crowds but would not be their last! The following month Marnie and Vel would play in the England Juniors exhibition game alongside MRDA and WFTDA Team England and Team France but nothing could have prepared them for what came next.


Hi Velocity in action at MRDA Champs Cwmbran 2017


In February 2018 Rainy City Roller Derby hosted RDWC in Manchester England. That weekend Marnie was tailed by a BBC film crew as she prepared to captain the biggest game of her life – a European Junior Roller Derby exhibition game. Held just before the final game of the tournament, and streamed live on BBC Sport, the RDWC Junior Game literally bought Junior Derby to the masses. With a capacity crowd of thousands in the stands and everyone watching on the BBC the girls went out and made their families and coaches proud. The final score saw Marnie and Vel’s team take the win – much to the joy of their 17 year old sister ZebRoar who was refereeing the game that day. The BBC short film telling Marnies story – Why I Love Roller Derby- aired on CBBC and Newsround later that month.


Marnie was captain for the junior exhibition game at WFTDA RDWC 2018. 



Following the excitement of RDWC the girls now had something else to focus on – their own World Cup! GB had been invited to enter a team in the JRDA World Cup – to be held in Phiadelphia in July 2018. The preparations had to begin immediately with training and fundraising being their top priority. 


The JRDA World Cup was a great experience and Marnie and Vel both threw themselves into each game with spirit and determination. Vel says “The World Cup was exhilarating but exhausting in equal measure and provided invaluable experience and learning opportunities which we still look back on years later!”


Marnie in action at the JRDA World Cup 2018 – PHOTO CREDIT JEFF OSTRANDER


Hi Velocity in action at the JRDA World Cup 2018 – PHOTO CREDIT JEFF OSTRANDER


In the 18 months since Philadelphia Marnie, now Captain of Hereford Poison Berries, has spent a season as a member of the bench crew for WFTDA Tier 2 team Hereford Roller Derby. She says, “I feel that learning the skills required to work on the bench during a British Championship game gives me greater insight into managing a team and this helps me in my role as Captain of The Berries.”


Hi Velocity and Marnie MoovOva trying on their 2018 Team GB kit for the first time. 


Back in December the squad for JRDA World Cup Team GB were announced and Marnie and Vel were delighted to have been selected once again. In August 2020, along with 9 of their Poison Berries team mates, they will join the Team GB who are entering both a WFTDA aligned and a MRDA aligned team at the games being held in Regina, Canada.


Going into Canada 2020 the sisters have been considering where they go from here. Marnie – who will be skating as Corrick-Gough at the World Cup- is sad that this will be her final JRDA World Cup but is planning on attending Cardiff University and hopes to follow in the footsteps of some of her favorite skaters and join Tiger Bay Brawlers.

Vel on the other hand will still be eligible should she decide to try out for 2022 JRDA World Cup and is excited for the future. Her dream is to study in Manchester and join Rainy City Roller Derby. 


When asked what Roller Derby has done for them Marnie answers for them both. “Roller Derby has given us so many opportunities and opened so many doors for us- I can’t imagine what our life would be like without our derby family. Less frantic maybe but much less fun! ”


Team GB 2018 in Philadelphia.  – PHOTO CREDIT JOHN HESSE




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