November Junior Skater of the Month – Marley Quinn

Marley Profile

Marley started playing derby in 2016 when at age 14 she joined the Seattle Derby Brats.  Over several seasons her derby skills have grown tremendously, and she has become a leader on her team and in the community.

Marley Jamming

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Marley is a jammer and team captain for SDB’s Ultra Violets this season. She never ceases to give it her all at every practice, scrimmage and bout, leaving it all on the track. Her kindness and work ethic make her well liked and an inspiration to teammates, parents and coaches alike.  As a volunteer skater coach, she continues to train dozens of younger skaters.  She is a remarkable mentor sharing derby skills and role modeling how to be powerful, confident young women. And she volunteers as a skating official!  Marley has shown incredible eagerness and dedication to learning and improving her knowledge of the rules and the sport overall. She has been an invaluable addition to the SDB officiating crew. And she’s really fun to skate with.

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Marley says she loves derby for the “open and welcoming community and for the athleticism”.  She relishes the “sheer athletic force and determination” it requires. As Marley ages out of junior derby this season her dream is to stay in Seattle and attend the University of Washington, as a pre-med student.   Marley says she’s fascinated by psychology and drawn to science and brain research.  By age 15 Marley’s mom says she had read the DSM (a manual for assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders) cover to cover more than once.  Last summer Marley worked as a UW intern in neuroscience and found she loved it.  She now wants to work with people who have brain trauma or neurodegenerative disorders, as a neurosurgeon or research scientist.

Marley Ref

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We can’t wait to see what Marley does with the next 18 years of her life. Not only will she be a great addition to the UW’s student body, she plans to continue coaching and reffing for SDB! And while she expects her studies may limit the amount of time, she must play adult derby, she hopes to return to the sport as a player in a few years.  Congratulations Marley, we are so proud of you!!

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