Mini-skills Test Checklist

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skills check list

Mini-Skills Test Checklist

1Derby Stance - bent at the knees, chest up, low!!Whips -
a. arm (giving and receiving)
b. hip, belt, clothing (giving and receiving)
2Stride - steady and easyPushes - giving and receiving
3crossovers - regular and reversePacing
4Speed - 27/5 & 13 seconds standing upWeaving around moving obstacles/objects
5Stops (within 4 seconds.
a. T-stops
b. Plows
Unexpected obstacles (ie, skaters)
61 footed glides - around 1 curve & 1 straightaway. Able to balance for at least 5 seconds.Taking hits - in a pack (2-4 recovery if toppled)
7Sticky skatingPositional blocking - ("frontal blocking' or "stall blocking")
8Lateral cuts - 4 times in the straightaway, 3 times in the turnChecks - hips & body
9Backwards skating
10Knee taps - left, right, and double
11Double knee slides
12Steps from standstill - forwards, backwards, side-to-side, grapevine, shuffle, quick step, and balance on each foot for 30 seconds
13Focusing in all deirections when needed
14Hopping - 6" both feet at once, and one at a time laterally, 18"
15Weaving - 10 cones, 6 seconds
16Transitions - 180 in all directions, and 360

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