A Case For Cross-Training

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Roller Derby Fans, this week it’s all about the athlete inside each and everyone one of us. It’s for the fist bumper’s, to the gun show, curl’s for girl’s or the skies out thighs out athlete. As you know I grew up speed skating and the sport of Roller Derby fell into my lap later on in my life. In between all my two a day practices there was one very important piece missing…. Cross Training! YES, we are all familiar with it but do we know how to apply it and that is what this week’s discussion is all about. 
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About 10 years ago I fell in love with a sport I knew absolutely nothing about but in just a short time I learned how this sport would fit into my life in so many different ways. From sportsmanship and camaraderie, to a place I felt I could be myself.  I had found my second family and I don’t say that lightly. What is it you ask? CrossFit!! Everyone said I changed and maybe I did, I was in love. My mission this week is to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance on yourself. Take a chance on change, take a chance on your future, and most importantly take a chance on YOU. 

What are some of the benefits of Cross Training,

  • You get injured less often

  • If Injured you’ll heal faster

  • You’ll have greater aerobic capacity

  • You’ll be stronger overall

  • You will develop more flexibility

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Roller Derby is full of ambitious and tenacious people from all walks of life. We weren’t born to be average. I don’t have a desire to fit in or to conform to anyone else’s wishes. I do have the desire to improve myself every day, every hour, every minute. What I have taken notice of in the Roller Derby community is everyone has the desire to be a champion in some capacity and everyone’s champion looks different to them. Has anyone asked you about your desire or your willingness to sacrifice? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be the best at your craft? To be the best you on and off the track? Then join me and take a chance on you, take a chance on your future. Don’t sit on the bottom of the mountain with those that don’t have the courage to put in the extra work. Stand up, rise up, don’t be afraid. Conquer this life and make yourself a priority. I personally invite you to join me at a CrossFit workout. Was I nervous at first? Of course, I was, it was new. You will quickly learn that it is not about how much you move or how fast you move, it’s about how well you move.  Loading up a bar bell and heavy intensity many associate with CrossFit will come later. I train with a staff that dedicates their life to making you better than you were before you walked through the doors, with people you will soon call friend.  There is so many similarities to Roller Derby and CrossFit in every aspect. You can find a CrossFit gym on every corner so why TERN CrossFit? This is a place where you find family, love, and acceptance. If you do not find a TERN CrossFit in your area, I encourage you to search for a similar Cross Training facility that fits your needs. I can promise you one thing in this life, you will never regret taking a chance on yourself. TERN CrossFit is where you will find me and many others that want to be a better version of ourselves. If you live in my area, Tampa Bay Florida, come join Head Coach Nichole Franklin for a free week. Why do I love this program so much? Every Saturday at 10 a.m. is community day and it’s always free! We invite you to come as you are and make new friends along the way as I have. I can’t wait to see you here.  

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TERN CrossFit , 13580 Wright Circle, Tampa, FL 33626 


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