Current Rankings – 11/16/2019*

*We will be updating the rankings on a weekly basis.

There were no changes in the rankings from last week.

WFTDA: 1st place, Rose City Rollers.  Overall and North American Rankings.

The Rose City Rollers are the defending 2018 World Champions, and currently occupy the #1 ranking according to Flat Track Stats. They were established In 2004 and are located in Portland Oregon. They are a founding member of the  Women’s Flat Track Derby Association WFTDA.

MRDA: 1st place, Saint Louis Gatekeepers. Overall and North American Rankings

The Saint Louis Gatekeepers, located in St, Louis, Missouri, were founded in 2009.,

Women’s Latin America: 1st place, 2×4 Roller Derby.

The 2×4 Roller Derby, founded in 2010, are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were the first Latin American team to qualify for the WFTDA Championships.

Women’s European: 1st place, Helsinki Roller Derby.

The Helsinki Roller Derby are in Helsinki, Finland and were founded in 2009. They were the first women’s derby league in Finland.

Women’s Pacific: 1st place, Victorian Roller Derby League.

The Victorian Roller Derby League is in Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria. They were founded in 2007. They were the first non-American team to win the WFTDA Championships.

Men’s Latin America: 1st place, Liga Roller Derby Ciudad de Mexico

Liga Roller Derby Ciudad de Mexico was founded in 2010. In 2014 and 2015 they were the RD Minotaur – 1st National Place finishers. Liga Roller Derby Ciudad de Mexico is in Mexico City.

Men’s European: 1st place, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby.

Founded in 2010, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby is in London, England. Southern Discomfort were the winner of the first Men’s European Roller Derby Championships.

Men’s Pacific: 1st place, Victoria Men’s Roller Derby.

Victoria Men’s Roller Derby was founded in 2013 and is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Co-ed North America: 1st place, Pirate Bay Roller Derby Co-ed.

The Pirate Bay Roller Derby Co-ed, A.K.A. the Cutthroat Krewe, are in Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. They were founded in 2016.

Co-ed Latin America: 1st place, Complot Derby Club

The Complot Derby Club, Mixed Roller Derby League of Santiago de Chile.Team Tijeras is the female team, Team Espadas is the male team and together they make up Travesteam, the co-ed team.  The team was founded in 2013.

Co-ed European: 1st place, Bristol Roller Derby (Co-ed)

Founded in 2010, the Bristol Roller Derby (Co-ed) is in Bristol England.

Co-ed Pacific: 1st place, Guild of Roller Derby(Co-ed)

The Guild of Roller Derby Co-ed, A.K.A. the SWICH HITTERS, is in Bundamba, Queensland, Australia.

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