A Roller Derby Weekly Editorial


Heather Bennett & Jim Gunnin

After having read the article concerning the fight to have lines painted on the community center floors in Seattle, it dawned on us that this is a battle that needs to be taken up nationwide. The future of our sport lies in our hands and the hands of the youth of this country.  What better way to grow the sport than in the neighborhood community centers? These centers are taxpayer funded and are designed to meet the needs of the ENTIRE community.

Let’s follow Seattle’s lead and start fighting to get Roller Derby into the community. It could start with setting up cones on the floor and when the centers see the response, try following up with a taped track like Seattle. Follow Seattle’s example and start recruiting local organizations to back your fight. It won’t be easy, just ask the PFM team in Seattle, but is the future of our sport worth it?

If you have any suggestions, please contact us and we will pass them along in follow up posts. THIS IS A WAR WORTH WAGING!

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