Meet Our Founder Heather “The Gun” Gunnin

My name is Heather Bennett (A.k.a. Heather Gunnin) and I had been involved in Roller Sports since the young age of six years old.  My Roller Sports journey started as a simple way to entertain my childhood.  I quickly realized that I had a huge passion for skating.  I made my way to a speed skating practice at the local skating rink, and the rest was history. Over the next two decades I would  pursue my speed skating dream, winning numerous National titles, Pan Am Championship titles and compete in  two  World Championships as a USA team member.  

 In 1999 my Roller Sports passion took a new turn.  I was introduced to TNN’s RollerJam.  I was fortunate to skate for one of the premier teams that would compete in Roller Derby style bouts on a Nationally televised program.  This was truly one of the greatest times of my life!  I was introduced to a new Roller Sport and was able to interact with a new community of people, realizing just how much Roller Derby affected others around me.    

 RollerJam would end in 2001 and I would find myself falling into a more common lifestyle.  I moved on from my roller skating passion, pursued a firefighting career, had kids and really detached from Roller Derby. I would soon come to realize, something was missing from my life.  Roller Derby, the passion I had so deeply adopted, was everywhere and I was not a part of it.  I now have the opportunity to re-enter the Roller Derby community. 

Through this weekly newsletter I hope to meet new friends, spread the word about our great sport and truly start “Connecting Our Community”. Please join me in this journey by contributing to OUR newsletter and turning Roller Derby into the greatest, and most competitive sport in which we can be proud to be a member. 

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  1. Charlie Buttacavoli says:

    Watched every game that was on TNN and figured the viewers just weren’t ready when the WWF started to kill it( my opinion) which was a shame. Remember as a kid wanting to be Charlie O’Connel back in the 60’s when you could catch games late nite on local TV. Is there a FB page or site to hit so I can catch up on MY favorite sport?

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