An Interview With Jean Hoy-Pardo

Hey there, Jean, we have been friends for a long time, and I appreciate your agreeing to be interviewed for my new newsletter.  So, let’s get started!                               

(Heather) Tell me a little about yourself…. full name, age, where you live, what team you play/played for                                                                                                     (Jean) Jean Hoy-Pardo, 43 years old, Davie FL, Played for Gold Coast Derby Girls

(Heather) I hear you are recovering from an ACL reconstruction. Did you do it while playing Roller Derby or was it an old injury? 

(Jean) I have fully recovered from my ACL reconstruction and feel great!  I tore this ACL in September of 2018, had surgery in January of 2019.  I also tore the other ACL in back in 2017.  Both of these injuries happened playing Roller Derby.

(Heather) I know you from the sport of Speed Skating but tell me about how you got into Roller Derby.

(Jean) Just constantly reading social media posts from speed skaters that were playing Roller Derby.  Seeing how much they all loved it definitely sparked my interest. When my daughter was old enough to manage a few hours without her mamma, I finally decided to give it a try.  I do have to give some credit to Jessica Velez (Jess Business), she was always recruiting me!  

(Heather) What is different about playing  Roller Derby than any other sport you have participated in?  

(Jean) The diversity, inclusiveness and camaraderie are like none I’ve ever seen in another sport.

(Heather) Are you considering a come back and if so when will we get the oppurtunity to see you on the track? 

(Jean) Like I said, my knee(s) and body feel really good so, we’ll see!  As strong as my desire to play again is, I have to weigh the risks of playing a contact sport into my decision.  Being out of work for injury is not good for the bank account, nor for job security!  I would love to get back into it on some level though, hopefully soon!  

(Heather) Tell me something we don’t know about Jean Hoy-Pardo that you would like to share with Roller Derby Weekly.  

(Jean) I have a 5 year old little girl who is my absolute world.  I love her more than I ever thought I could love anything, ever.  Other than that, I’m pretty lame lol

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